ExPlane is the app to register aviation noise

Available at Google Play and Appstore now.

The app gives you the possibility to record airplanes and measure their Decibels to give a real picture of the noise nuisance experienced by residents living near airports. This gives residents, action groups, politicians and the press the data they need to convince politicians of the seriousness of this nuisance.

Open access to the data is available now at https://reports.explane.org.

The Explane app registers time, date, location, noise levels and flight number of the plane that causes the noise above your head. The app does not record any personal information of the user.

The app is made by Roelof Meijer as a volunteer for SchipholWatch, a group of residents concerned with the harmful aspects of aviation noise. The group does not have any ties with the aviation industry and is a non-profit organisation. They aim to publish data and information to counter the misinformation and fake news from the industry.
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